lundi 15 septembre 2014

England Trip !

Just back from UK where we had a blast ! Thanx Estelle, Loggy and Trip Out Festival for making this possible. Thanx The Hi-Class Joes, Elmer, Laurie, Alex, The Frathouse for that fantastic week end in Bristol. Thanx Graham, Gavin and the New Untouchables for that cool studio experience, can't wait to hear that. Thank you Fausta, Modern Waves, Suzie Greengrass and The great Magnetic Minds, for the show in London. Thanx Denis for your help. And finaly, thanx to all the people who came to the shows, see pictures on Facebook !

samedi 19 avril 2014

New Video Clip: Don't Count Me In !

Hi !
We are very proud and happy to show you our new video clip ! Play it loud, watch it wide and if you want to help us, share it.
Thank you Magali Laroche for the good work, Célia Formica your great performance, Marie, Delphine, Jean-Pierre Maillard, Pierre Reynard, la régie 2 C for your help !
This song is in our new album "Count Me Out" released in September 2013 on Screaming Apple Records.

mercredi 5 février 2014

Gigs in February !

- VALENCE (Mistral Palace): Friday February 21th - 2014
(+ X-Ray Vision + After Dj party with Alexandre! & Yann Cracker)

- MONTPELLIER (SECRET PLACE): Saturday February 22th - 2014
(+ THE MASONICS + Allnighter Dj party with Alain N°9, Alexandre! & Yann Cracker)