jeudi 22 décembre 2011

Christmas is coming and 2011 will be soon over !
That was a great year for us and we would like to take the opportunity to thanx all the people who support us (more and more people everyday !), came to our shows, bought our records... Because we really appreciate and that help us to make good music ;^) !
We especially need to thanx Jean Pierre & Control Studio, Dirty Recording Studio, Christophe Levet Photographe because they helped us when we decided to start the band, and without them, we couldn't manage to do all the things we did during this crazy year.

Then we also need to thanx all the people who believed in us (some are listed below, but I'm sure I forgot people, sorry !):
HVIV label team, Marc & Sylvie at the Subsonic, Lutz and Marco at Soundflat, Ritchie at Screaming Apple, Alex at Copasetic Mailorder, Alain n°9 DJ, The Cosmic Trip Festival, Faroux & Night Klebard, Bruno at Dangerhouse, Red Head Man, Izzy Lindqwister, Tony Cracker, Vangogo, Smoky Carrot Records, Magali Laroche, Jerome - Vincent and Antoine (our additional players !), Hugo Magic Fingers, Wolf & The Berlin Beat Explosion, Peris & Lost in Tyme, Etienne & Christophe at Powerglide, Adrien at Going Blind, Antoine & Bertrand at the Primitive Party, Oli & Yann Duterche at Deep Inside, Fabien at Ninkasi, Mistral Palace, Lo Spider at Dig It, Heavy Soul Fanzine,, Wanda de Lullabies and Mrs Rose, Joan & Mike Turner, Heidi Van Horne, Mimi de Montmartre, Topper & Yvan, Backtimers team...

We met a lot of nice people, thanx everybody to show us that our scene is still alive and stronger than ever, always keep the faith !!!

2012 will also be a big year, we'll continue to play a lot (places and dates will be soon addded) and we are working on a LP.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year !

vendredi 9 décembre 2011

Heidi Van Horne + Sabina Kelley + Towerbrown !

The model/Actor/Pin-up... Heidi Van Horne, gave us a nice present this week !
A sexy "behind the scenes" video clip of PIN UP PLAYING CARDS shooting with Heidi Van Horne + Sabina Kelley.
With music by Towerbrown ! Enjoy !!!